Taking customer experience seriously in the digital age

Mirroring larger shift toward digital customer experiences, Manitoba Hydro launches new online account management system for its domestic customers

This video recorded late 2019 illustrates some of the benefits of the new customer portal.

The development of software and hardware within the utility sector is often focused on the needs of the business rather than the needs of customers.

Recognizing that those customer needs are in fact critical – and that a positive customer experience should be the focus of any business, including utilities – Manitoba Hydro has launched a new, mobile-friendly online account management service for its domestic customers.

“The new online account enhances our domestic customers’ digital experiences with Manitoba Hydro and brings it in line with the expectations set by many top services in Canada,” said Sean Woroniak, Marketing Services Officer for Manitoba Hydro. “Our customers are increasingly active online. They want us to meet them there and provide the service levels they expect, and this online account system helps us do that.”

Inspired in part by the mobile experiences offered by telecom giants and other cutting-edge global firms, the new online account management system provides added functionalities and personal options the utility’s customers can use to manage their energy accounts and the services offered by Manitoba Hydro.

From their online account, customers are now able to:

  • Report outages and receive personalized outage alerts for their home, business or cottage/summer home.
  • Get real-time notifications and reminders about their account and service via email, text, smartphone notification or automated phone call.
  • View their monthly energy bill online and access account information 24/7.View monthly usage and compare it to their usage in the previous year.
  • Request to start, stop or transfer their service.
  • Request payment arrangements and sign up for billing plans like the Equal Payment Plan and the Pre-authorized Payment Plan.
  • Submit meter readings.
  • Access customer support faster and easier.

Beyond the new features, the new online account offers a modernized digital experience that mirrors the responsive online and digital experiences they’re used to when dealing with top service providers in the telecom, shipping and software industries.

In the months following the launch, our customers will also be able to access their Hydro accounts using the Manitoba Hydro app available on both iOS and Android devices.