A renewable and proven energy solution

For over 50 years, Manitoba Hydro has been providing renewable, cost-effective, and virtually carbon-free hydropower to meet U.S. energy needs.

Energy security

Manitoba hydropower diversifies energy portfolios, avoids reliance on natural gas, and provides long-term cost certainty.

Carbon emission reduction

Our hydropower is assisting U.S. utilities with meeting their emissions requirements through a renewable, non-emitting, virtually carbon-free source of energy.

As the only large-scale, non-emitting, and non-intermittent resource in the Midwest, Manitoba hydropower complements the output of U.S. domestic renewables like wind and solar.

Integrated and reliable

Hydropower from Manitoba is improving U.S. regional reliability and market efficiencies.

Regional transmission solutions

Enhanced transmission between Manitoba and MISO would result in savings to U.S. customers.

Sustainable development projects

Our energy resources are being developed with a commitment to the environment and working closely with local Indigenous communities.

Today Manitoba Hydro operates one of the cleanest, most sustainable power systems anywhere.
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