Volume 1, Issue 2

Canada is home to a vast hydropower resource

November 12, 2018 in Volume 1, Issue 2

There’s a lot of water in Canada. Each year, our rivers discharge close to 9% of the world’s renewable water supply. More of our surface area is covered by freshwater than probably any other country on the planet. So, it should be no surprise that Canada is also home to a vast hydropower resource.

Indigenous partnerships build relations; create legacy of mutual benefit

November 12, 2018 in Volume 1, Issue 2

Indigenous women participating in River Diversion Ceremony at Keeyask Generating Station - Summer 2018 Indigenous people and communities play a central role in Manitoba Hydro’s business. The vast bodies of water and network of riverways flowing throughout Manitoba have provided sustenance and means of transportation to Indigenous communities for centuries.

Keeyask Generating Station nearly 60% complete

November 12, 2018 in Volume 1, Issue 2

Construction of the 695-megawatt (MW) Keeyask hydroelectric generating station in northern Manitoba is nearly 60% complete, with the first generator now expected to start producing electricity in October 2020 - 10 months earlier than planned. The project is also on track to meet its control budget of $8.7 billion (CDN), having successfully met - or exceeded - all of its construction targets for the 2018 construction season.

Manitoba Hydro to sell 215 MW of renewable hydroelectricity to SaskPower

November 12, 2018 in Volume 1, Issue 2

A term sheet providing for a new long-term power sale has been signed between Manitoba Hydro and SaskPower. The terms sheet will see up to 215 megawatts of renewable hydroelectricity flow from Manitoba to Saskatchewan, beginning in 2022. The new sale, announced by both utilities on October 29, will last a minimum of 18 years with a potential extension up to a total of 30 years, bringing long-term benefits to electricity customers in both provinces.

New President and Chief Executive Officer appointed to lead Manitoba Hydro

November 12, 2018 in Volume 1, Issue 2

On November 1, the chair of the Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board, Marina R. James announced the appointment of Jay Grewal as the new President and CEO of Manitoba Hydro, effective February 4, 2019. Grewal will succeed current President and CEO Kelvin Shepherd, who is retiring. “The board is very pleased to appoint Jay as the first female President and CEO of Manitoba Hydro,” said James.