Volume 5, Issue 1

Cameras on power lines help Manitoba Hydro quantify weather effects

January 28, 2023 in Volume 5, Issue 1

Manitoba Hydro is testing monitoring stations on some of the utility’s transmission lines — they’ll help us quantify exactly how hard the Canadian prairie weather is on our infrastructure.

How an employee turned a social media idea into a charitable donation

January 28, 2023 in Volume 5, Issue 1

International Dog Day was August 26, 2022 — but this year, it was also the seed of an idea. By November, that seed grew into a donation of over $4,000 to a local dog rescue.

Keeyask ceremony marks significant milestone; work on project continues

January 28, 2023 in Volume 5, Issue 1

After months of organization, all the partners involved in building the Keeyask Generating Station were able to come together to acknowledge a major achievement. The Waciye Water Ceremony and Blessings was held at site on September 8, 2022.

Manitoba Hydro signs power purchase agreement with first Indigenous-owned solar farm in Canada

January 28, 2023 in Volume 5, Issue 1

Fisher River Cree Nation officially opened its new solar farm in August 2020, and Manitoba Hydro signed a power purchase agreement with the community to purchase the electricity generated by the solar farm to add to the utility’s grid.