Energy security

For almost 50 years, hydropower from Manitoba has served as a secure, stable and cost-effective resource for wholesale power markets in the U.S.

Manitoba Hydro provides the Upper Midwest with about 10,000 gigawatt hours of electricity per year – enough to power nearly 1 million homes, and accounting for over 30% of the region’s supply of renewable energy.

Because hydropower is cost-competitive with other forms of electricity, our exports help keep rates down in the U.S., resulting in lower costs to consumers.

Not only that – hydropower is predictable. Facilities last for 50 to 100 years, providing stable long-term pricing. As a result, our sales agreements are able to offer cost certainty and rate stability.

Our utility customers see value in purchasing hydropower from Manitoba Hydro as a way to limit their exposure to fluctuating natural gas prices and potential changes in regulatory requirements associated with emissions from thermal resources.

Our U.S. power sales

Currently, we have numerous sales agreements with utilities in the U.S. Midwest, including Minnesota Power, Northern States Power (part of Xcel Energy), Great River Energy, Wisconsin Public Service, Municipal Power Agency, and others.

Manitoba Hydro’s U.S. sales agreements

Utility Contract size Contract term
Minnesota Power 50 MW to 2020
250 MW 2020 to 2035
Xcel Energy 350 MW to 2025
375/325 MW + 125 MW to 2025
Great River Energy 200 MW to 2030
Wisconsin Public Service 108 MW to 2021
100 MW 2021 to 2029