New transmission line between Manitoba and Saskatchewan under construction

Public engagement and participation.

Public engagement and participation dating back to November 2016 was critical for deciding a final preferred route for the line from Birtle, MB to Tantallon, SK.

Following regulatory approval in January and selection of a contactor, Manitoba Hydro has begun construction on a new transmission line to export clean, renewable hydroelectric power to its neighbours to the west.

The Birtle Transmission Project is an 80-kilometre (about 50-mile) 230-kV transmission line that will run from Birtle Station in western Manitoba to the Manitoba–Saskatchewan border. Once there it will connect with another transmission line in our neighbouring province of Saskatchewan, allowing Manitoba Hydro to fulfill the terms of a recent Power Purchase Agreement with SaskPower.

“This will benefit customers in both provinces by reducing carbon emissions,” said Manitoba Hydro CEO Jay Grewal. “It allows our hydro stations to backstop SaskPower’s investment in renewable energy, helping them meet their greenhouse gas emissions reduction target by diversifying their energy supply mix.”

There are already four transmission lines between the two provinces. When completed, the Birtle Transmission Project will allow an additional 190 megawatts of hydroelectricity to flow from the Manitoba Hydro system to the SaskPower grid.

The Birtle Transmission Project is being built by a joint venture partnership between the Indigenous community of Birdtail Sioux and Forbes Bros. Inc.

The line is expected to be in service by June 1, 2021.