Mutual aid partners recognized in event at Manitoba Hydro’s Winnipeg HQ

On December 11, 2019, over 200 employees and guests gathered at Manitoba Hydro’s headquarters in Winnipeg to recognize efforts by staff from Manitoba Hydro and its mutual aid partners in responding to a large October 2019 winter storm.

The storm caused tens of millions of dollars in damage to the utility’s transmission and distribution system, outages to hundreds of thousands of customers (some for up to several days), and marked the first time Manitoba Hydro has ever called on other utilities for mutual aid.

Representatives from Manitoba Hydro, SaskPower, Hydro One and Minnesota Power received tokens of thanks from our President & CEO Jay Grewal, Minister of Crown Services Jeff Wharton, and Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board Chair Marina R. James.

“To all of you involved in helping us through this unparalleled event for Manitoba Hydro: thank you,” said Grewal. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you’re from Manitoba Hydro, from SaskPower, Hydro One, Minnesota Power — thank you for all you do. And thank you for all you did during the storm to make sure every Manitoban — every one of our customers — had the renewable, reliable energy they depend on every day.

“On behalf of Manitoba Hydro and all Manitobans: thank you.”

Everyone involved in the restoration received a commemorative travel mug and sweatshirt. The storm was a challenging time, and it was only possible to restore so many customers so quickly and safely with the help of specialized equipment from outside the province and the staff to run it.

Southern Manitoba, and particularly Winnipeg, saw thousands of damaged trees falling onto distribution lines, causing outages
Back rows: Representatives from mutual aid partners Hydro One, SaskPower, and Minnesota Power; Front row, left to right: Jay Grewal, President & CEO of Manitoba Hydro; Crown Services Minister Jeff Wharton; and, Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board Chair Marina R. James.