Manitoba Hydro employees take community to heart

Photo of Manitoba Hydro volunteers in front of a bucket truck decorated for the Pride parade.

With over 1,300 volunteer hours last year, our employees give time and effort to more than just their work.

Our Community Giving Program - a recognition of our employees’ dedication to their communities - saw some stellar results in 2017.

Our employees put their money where their mouths are, committing to donate over $678,000 to a variety of registered charities in 2018 via payroll deduction.

More than money

But our support for community investment doesn’t stop at the buck. Incentives for volunteerism mean our employees can get more value for their effort devoting time and sweat to the causes they care about.

“The Community Giving program allows employees to customize their giving experience to the communities they serve. Giving money is one way to support our staff, but we recognize that when they give their time and skills, it’s just as important to appreciate their efforts,” said Jackie Britton, Community Investment Representative.

Through the Program’s Volunteer Grant initiative, the company recognizes employees who contribute over 50 hours of volunteer time with a $200 donation to their charity. Another aspect of the Program includes an Employee Champion initiative, encouraging and empowering staff to plan fundraisers and events in support of registered charities. In return for their fundraising efforts, the utility provides fundraisers with a $500 corporate donation as well as t-shirts, event promotion and other forms of in-kind support.

Powering positive change

The Community Giving Program shows no signs of slowing down. The workforce is continuing to gain ground in financial donations and employee participation.

“I’m excited to watch this program snowball,” said Gary Shingleton, Community Investment Supervisor. “I can’t wait to see what it’s going to look like five or ten years down the line.”